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2020-11-331 01:22
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On September 27, 2019, in Polar Research Institute of China, Polar Navigation and Equipment Professional Committee of the Chinese Nautical Society held the second meeting. In this meeting, FBR was officially allowed to become China's institute of navigation polar professional committee member units with getting full support and vote from all members. 

At the meeting, the vice Secretary-General of China Navigation Society warmly introduced to the participants the cases which FBR involved in the past, such as "SHENZHOU spacecraft", "Liaoning" aircraft carrier and other major projects, and gave full affirmation and high evaluation to FBR.

At present, China Polar research Center has two polar research vessels and the latest polar research icebreaker named xuelong 2. All the mooring ropes used in these vessels are UHMWPE ropes which are made by Zhejiang Four Brothers Rope Co., Ltd. Xuelong 2 will soon make its maiden voyage in October to conduct scientific research in the Antarctic, which will have far-reaching significance to the implementation of the country's "ocean strategy" on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Here, FBR would like to express its deep gratitude to China Navigation Society, Polar Committee and other member units for their support and care.
FBR will always adhere to the concept of helping users to achieve "full life cycle cost control and safety guarantee", and will continue to actively devote itself into the polar and scientific research cause of our country, making its own contribution to China's navigation cause.

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